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B&E Show

The B&E show is a freeski duo who’s state of mind is to have fun, create and progress. Directed and edited by the riders, they try to showcase their vision of freeskiing thru whatever music they feel fits most.
Featuring: Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon

The Minnesota Represent Show

The Minnesota Represent Show showcases some of Minnesota’s best freestyle skiers and their stories from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Minnesota’s flat topography creates an environment where it is up the people to make the best out of what presents itself with snow to have fun on a pair of skis.  Directed & Produced by Matt Koskinen
Featuring: Steve Janisch, Willie Borm, Zack Mertz
Thumbnail Tahoe Budz

Tahoe Budz

Tahoe Budz is a regional based internet show showcasing the skiing talents and incomparable terrain of North Tahoe. Skiers Skogen Sprang and Sean Field are accompanied by a cast of good friends and other Tahoe characters. Both Sean and Skogen are veterans of the X-Games and combined have skied professionally for over 15 years. They are part of Inspired Media Concepts which provides Tahoe Budz with a global platform for people to view the internet show.
Featuring: Sean Field, Skogen Sprang


The Idahomiez Show documents a group of friends living in Idaho, the adventures they go on, the lifestyles they live, and the endless pow that they ride.
Featuring: Brandon Becker, Steven Becker

THC Show

The THC(Tanner Hall Connection) Show follows professional skier Tanner Hall around the world as he shreds any and all elements in the sport of freeskiing. From half pipes, pillows, to big mountain lines Tanner takes you into his world.
Featuring: Tanner Hall

Irie Indians

The Irie Indians Show is a freeski/snowboard show starring the WFP familia, a crew from Quebec City, Canada. Follow some of the best skiers from the province through their season of urban skiing as they push themselves to the limit while keeping it IRIE!
Featuring: Antoine Bourassa, Emile Bergeron, Guillaume Desroches


Klaus Obermeyer is an original ski pioneer and he is in love with the sport of skiing and life. Next season will be the 90th anniversary of his first ski run on homemade skis. At 92 years young, Klaus is one of a few remaining pioneers of the modern snow sports industry. His inventions have revolutionized winter sports and his way of life stands out as a beautiful example of how we can choose to age. The web-series follows Klaus as he shares stories about life experiences, his business, skiing and much more.
Featuring: Klaus Obermeyer
Thumbnail Gpsy

The Gpsy Show

Let your internet connection fly you across the Atlantic in the French Alps where a crew of dedicated young entrepreneurs are trying hard to step their game up to produce a quality entertainment.  Kick back and relax yourself while watching some fools having good times, bringing together a movie that will stimulate your sense before or after a good session.  Enjoy!
Featuring: Flo Bastien, Leo Taillefer, Yann Barthélemy
HR LOGO Stinger

Highest Region (mountain culture)

If you are an active person, then you have some connection to the HIGHEST REGION. Mountain people are a special if not strange group of people who live and center their lives on the vibes found in the peaks and valleys. The highest regions have long been associated with action and extreme sports, but the reality is much more friendly, funny and down home. This show is a celebration of the life style and Mountain Culture. HIGHEST REGION tells you the stories and introduces the people help make our region unique and trend setting. You can always expect special appearences by great riders, comedians, mountain characters, musicians and of course the HR Puppets. Geoff Stump and a series of guests will host each episode and explore the good, the rad and the gnarly aspects of life in the mountains.
Thumbnail RUSH

Tribe Riders (kayak)

Featuring: Rush Sturges

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